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Guide to Perugia – The Little Blue – What To Do

Born in 2002, The Little Blue What-To-Do is the indispensable foreigner’s guidebook to Perugia. Written not for the daytripper but for the city’s many “temporary citizens,” of Perugia, the Little Blue gives the reader the real deal in an affable and opinionated style.

The content of the Little Blue is a charming mix of the Useful, the Interesting, and the Humorous. Topics include finding a room, free time suggestions, eating (and drinking), shopping and sidetrips, but the there are also sections on Perugia Personalities, Italian gestures, and even on dating in Perugia.

We made this website straight from the printed guide; it is basically an enriched digital version. We just started so add us on Facebook and Twitter! Keep your self updated and stay in touch.

We are always looking for new contributions. If you feel like writing something that is missing or you think you can improve any section, don’t hesitate a second to get in touch with us.   info [AT] inperugia [DOT] com

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