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Study Italian in Italy – Perugia

If you really want to learn Italian, the best way is to study it in Italy. Perugia is the perfect city for a number of reasons, including:

  • Perfect sized city – not too big and not too small so that you don’t feel lost but still have all the opportunities of a bigger city;
  • University city – Perugia is a big university “town”. There are two major universities with a total number of about 30,000 students;
  • Feel like a local – the size and population of Perugia doesn’t treat you like a tourist and after a couple of months you feel like citizen, even if just a temporary one;
  • Make new friends – most of the student life happens in the historical center of Perugia. This campus-like environment  makes it really easy to establish long-lasting relationships with Italians and people from all over the world that come here  to study Italian;
  • Good student support – Perugia has one of Italy’s oldest universities and has hosted foreign students for centuries, so it’s easy to find all sort of student services;
  • Affordable – from housing to groceries, restaurants and going out, you can’t beat the student-affordability of Perugia.

Alright, let’s stop selling Perugia and get down to business.

Where can you study Italian in Perugia?

Here is a list of schools starting from the most official (the Università per Stranieri, or “University for Foreigners”) and following with other good private language schools located in the center.

Università per Stranieri – – (+39 075.574.61; Palazzo Gallenga, Piazza Fortebraccio 4)
This is the oldest university for foreigners in Italy, located in the beautiful Palazzo Gallenga and another two locations. They offer all levels of Italian language along with literature, history, art, music, opera and architecture and also certifications for teaching Italian. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 month intensive Italian courses starting at €300 per month.

Comitato Linguistico – (+39 075.572.1471; Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi 5, 3rd floor)
This is a smaller environment language school which offers great classes with a “private lesson” feeling.  You can enroll in 2-week or monthly courses starting at €130 per week. They have a lot of activities for their students and can also arrange your accommodation (including home stays).

Lingua in corso – – (+39 075.573.2272; Via Bartolo, 34)
Perugia’s newest school located right behind the Duomo of Perugia. They offer standard, intensive, private and online classes with cultural activities as well. Surely they will help you out with your accommodation. Standard course at €235 per week.

CLA | Università di Perugia – –  (+39 075.585.6800; via Enrico dal Pozzo)
If you are coming here as an Erasmus student at Università degli studi di Perugia (the University of Perugia), you will receive a free Italian language course here.

The Umbra – (+39 075.573.4595; Piazza IV Novembre, 23)
Umbra is a study abroad program designed for U.S. college students. They offer several courses (for credits) taught in English as well as mandatory Italian courses. They also have an Intensive Italian language and culture summer program which allows US college students to transfer credits back to their school.

If you prefer a private Italian language teacher, Perugia is also the perfect city. Perugia is where Italian teachers come to get their certification, so it’s full of private teachers. Just ask around.(yep this is not very helpful, we know. We can’t yet publish a list of all private teachers)

Once you are in Perugia look for some language exchange to help you practice your Italian. Read our guide to language exchange in Perugia.

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