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Internet Free Wi-Fi in Perugia (public,cafes and bars)

Internet points disappeared from Perugia, but more and more cafes and bars are starting to offer free wifi. Even the city of Perugia offers free wifi in the historical center for 2 hours a day (you can find a map here).

The free city wifi is called UmbriaWifi and you have to register. As you log in you will be redirected to a registration page where you have to insert your data and a  mobile phone number. The phone number is essential since you will receive your password as a text message.

Some cafes and bars with free wifi:

  • Mytique café (via dei Priori)
  • Elfo’s pub (Via Sant’Agata – off via dei Priori)
  • Caffé di Roma (Piazza della Repubblica)
  • Bioo (cafe inside Museo della Penna)
  • Caffé della Penna (Corso Cavour)
  • Bottega del vino (Porta sole)

Please if you find more free wifi send us an email so that we can add them.

thomas davisthomas davis