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Umbra Institute – Study Abroad in Italy, Perugia

You may have asked yourself “Who are all these Americans?” Perugia and Umbria owe their increasing fame in the United States largely to the Umbra Institute, Perugia’s Americans study-abroad program. Founded in 1999, the Institute has had a meteoric rise from twenty-one students to a perfect average number of around hundred and twenty. Intended as a bridge between American and Italian cultures, the Institute hosts students for one or two semesters, during which time its distinguished faculty teach courses that range from Italian Literature to Business Ethics. The Institute also organizes the Tandem program, a language exchange between its students and Italian students. The main building for the Institute is located in the very central palace right behind the Duomo, while the other in the prestigious Oddi Palace (including an art studio). After signing an agreement with the Università degli Studi, Italian students can “study in America here in Perugia,” through Umbra’s free course offerings. For more info:  Studying abroad in Italy at The Umbra Institute.


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