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How to Get to the Perugia Airport


Get From Perugia Centro Storico to the Perugia Airport

What: Shuttle bus to San Francesco d’Assisi Airport (closest airport to Perugia)

Where: Picks up in Piazza Italia

How much: €8 one-way (pay in cash on the shuttle), €14 round-trip

When: Schedule corresponds with flight times

It’s easy to get from the center of Perugia to the San Francesco d’Assisi Airport. The airport is located between Perugia and Assisi and offers limited flights to places like London, Bucharest, and Barcelona. The easiest way to get to the airport is to take the A.C.A.P. –Sulga shuttle from Piazza Italia. It’s generally parked on the east side of Piazza Italia and is a small white bus that says “airport” on the side. It costs €8 for a one-way ticket and you pay in cash on the shuttle. The driver generally has change if you need it.


The schedule corresponds with the airport’s flight times. The shuttle leaves Piazza Italia, stops at Fontevegge Station about 7 minutes later, and continues to the airport. It takes about 25 minutes to get from Piazza Italia to the airport. Once at the airport, remember to go to the desk labeled “TICKET CHECK” to get your passport and boarding pass checked and stamped if you are not an EU citizen. The airport is very small and there are generally only a few flights leaving per day, so it’s easy to figure out where to go and the shuttle gets you to the airport with plenty of time to make your flight.

If you are flying into the airport, you exit the terminal and the shuttle will be waiting in the second line of cars. (As mentioned before, the shuttle runs corresponding to the flights – departing AND arriving). The shuttle usually waits until most of the passengers from the arriving flights have come out before it leaves. The shuttle goes to Piazza Italia, stopping at Fontevegge on the way and, again, takes about 15-25 minutes.


(Thanks to Sarah Abbott Ladner for this page)

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