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Stationery and Art Supplies

Photocopies > I recommend the place that printed a previous edition of this guide, the Psycopisteria at Via Baldeschi 7 (it runs from Piazza Cavalotti to Via Ulisse Rocchi). There the slightly psycho Alfonso will make you black and white or color photocopies, do digital transfer, and all your other copisteria wishes. It’s open 9:30-19:00 with the lunch break, though Al sometimes leaves early to teach shiatsu or read Ginsberg at Caffè Morlacchi.


Art Deco > If you are already an artist, you may need supplies – try at this store at the bottom of Via dei Priori, number 93. It wasn’t set in stone at the time of press but the owner may give a discount with the EG card. Show it to her and cross your fingers!


Magazzini Rastelli > Photocopies, school/office supplies, and a limited selection of your basic art supplies can be found at the bottom of Via Baglioni, 21. Pick up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles notebook for €1 here and then head next door to the other outpost, where you can continue to mourn your lost youth amidst a random selection of stuffed animals and toys.


Film & Photographic Paper > All your photo needs can be taken care of by the sweet and cultured Daniela at Foto Color, Via dei Priori 1. See the entry for Developing Film in Perugia: A-Z.


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