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Dal Mi’ Cocco Menu

Dal mi Cocco is a must in Perugia. If you are studying for a month or for an entire year I am sure you will go with all your friend here. Dal ‘mi Cocco has a fixed menu that changes everyday, so maybe you want to know what you are going to have in your belly tonight. If you are a vegetarian just tell them “sono vegetariano” and they will bring you a simple homelete instead of their meat course.
Price is €13 for the entire menu, excluding drinks, simple as that! Pasta and bread are homemade by them!


Dal mi Cocco Menu for the Summer

Everyday included in the menu: tagliatelle with red sauce, bread, green salad, dessert and a shot of sweet wine  plus:

– Riso del mi’cocco (special dal ‘mi cocco rice)
– Fettine ‘m briache (“drunk” roastbeed)

– Birbanti Corti (short homemade pasta with red sauce)
– Petturina e Salsicce (grilled ribs and Italian sausages)

– Gnocchi (homemade gnocchi with red souce)
– Arosto misto (mixed grilled meat)

– Birbanti lunghi (long homemade pasta with red sauce)
– Cicci ‘mpanata (breaded meat)

– ‘L farro (spelt)
– Arosto misto (mixed grilled meat)

– Fischioni (short homemade pasta with red sauce)
– Arosto misto (mixed grilled meat)

Dal ‘mi Cocco Restaurant

Corso Garibaldi, 12


Tue-Sat 12pm – 2:00pm
Tue-Sat 7pm – 11:00pm

Cousine: Umbrian cousine

Price Range: € 13-€15
Takes Reservations: Yes

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