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A place to call home

Giulia Carminati
(Umbra Institute, Fall 2013)


If there’s anything that I know about this fairly complicated world , is that places are living things, just like any human being on this planet. I often feel like they have a full set of eyes, two breathing lungs , hands that hold thoughts and memories of the past ; they have stories to tell, to hide, to forget.

Cities can raise you,  they give you birth, watch you grow up and, sometimes ,they just say goodbye when you’re done with them.

They also say, there’s no place like home.

So I start thinking of the place I was born , that holds the memories of my past , stories of friends and celebrations, of disappointments and fears…Perugia.

Perugia can be warm and suffocating and crowdy, yet at times you’ll find it the most calming place you’ve ever seen. When I was a kid the stones of the old town always felt wet to me no matter how the time of the  year, and the fact I really hated to touch them, with their strong musky smell.

I’ve always loved the pale rosy light you get to see early in the morning , when you walk through the many narrow streets: it surrounds everything like a dancing woman wearing a floaty ivory dress, almost imperceptible, almost transparent and gloriously elegant.

Perugia is a town with an elegant spirit, but she likes to show off her beauty with strength and pride . With some brave boldness she presents you the view from the Belvedere, knowing that she’ll have everyone’s attention and admiration no matter what.

In the summer everything  becomes almost too bright , but never too colorful: Perugia stays softly grayish , and she only allows some splashes of green as it some pastel colors were blended in.

Perugia is not worried about aging, but sometimes it’s quite evident that she has a sort of reluctance, a stubborn unwillingness to change or move forward: Perugia likes to see herself the way she’s always been.


About Giulia

giuliaBorn and raised in Perugia, Giulia is currently studying for her Languages degree, while constantly dreaming of travelling the world and finding the secret to the perfect cup of tea. She loves everything related to music, books , and movies.

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