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Tanning at the pool .. or at the beach

t’s August and you must be in Perugia studying Italian … I don’t see any other reason for you to be in Perugia in August if you are not studying the language.

Even the medieval stones are getting sunburned and are feeling like they’re in hell. It’s time to go the pool (in between Italian classes of course).

Here are your tanning options:

Piscina Pellini

It’s located in Via Arturo Checchi, Piscina Pellini is right in the center of Perugia. It is an indoor pool for lap swimming, but they have a terrace on the top where you can pick one of the free beach beds available and get some thermo-nuclear radiation. You can pay the daily entrance of 5 euros but they should give you a discount if you show them your university ID.  Don’t forget your swimming cap: it’s mandatory (you can buy one here if you don’t have it)

Directions to Piscina Pellini – go down in Via dei Priori and just after the big building with the green doors at number 84, you’ll see escalators on your left. Go all the way down the escalators, walk past the sunglass guys, down some Steps, and you will be just across the street from the MiniMetrò “Cupa” stop. Make like you’re going to walk over to it, then go downhill to the right in Via Pellini. You’ll see the pool building down the street on your right.

 Cost: 5€. You can also get a 10 entries pass that would make you save money.


Piscina Universitaria –  “Country Club” (the pretty one in the main photo)

This is an outdoor pool, with  a lawn around it, a little cafe where you can buy sandwiches, piadine and some wrapped ice cream. This is ideal to spend the entire day at the pool. You can actually sit down at the border of the pool chatting with your bff (best friend forever) while getting your skin nice and roasted. Why is it called country club? Because they also have 2 tennis courts, soccer fields, and a short running track. But hey! It’s August , it’s hot…who wants to run, right? Leave your Italian homework home and bring your new friends, Vogue or Topolino, a lot of cold water to drink. Don’t forget your swimming cap, it’s mandatory (you CAN also buy one here at the cafe)

Cost: 6 € + 2€ for the bed (when they ask you if you are a student tell them “Studio all’università” and maybe they will give you a discount).

Directions to the University Country Club by bus – This pool is actually a little longer to reach but definitely worth it. It’s located in Via Giuseppe Bambagioni off of Via della Pallotta. You can reach it by bus G (at 9.13 -9.53 – 10.33 – 11.13 … every 40 mintes) from Via Roma (next toPiazza Partigiani) and than have to walk a little. Here is a link to Google directions to see also other options, but we recommend using the option with bus G.

When you arrive at Via Bambagioni just make sure to turn right, when you walk down to this sign. I know it’s counter-intuitive since it says “Piscina Universitaria” with the direction to the left. But that is the indoor pool. So turn right and keep walking for a while until you reach the end of the road and the awesome Country Club.







If you feel like walking for 30 minutes, here is a map with directions from Piazza Partigiani.

View University Country Club in a larger map



To the beach (out of Perugia)

If you feel craving for salty water, well you gotta reach the coast. During the summer Perugia has special buses that will bring all the way down to the east coast and back in the evening. It’s pretty convenient because you leave early in the morning and the bus back leaves int he evening, so you can actually spend the entire day a the beach. Round trip is around 20 €

Check their website

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