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Perugia Vegan

Italy, home of the world’s healthiest, Mediterranean diet, is the perfect place for restaurants with vegetarian lunch or dinner options. However, how does this relate to vegan food? What if you come to so small city like Perugia? Can a vegan enjoy a meal at a location beyond the kitchen table? If you are looking for a vegan friendly restaurant or store, take a moment to peruse the content below for advice on restaurants and stores that provide vegan, healthy and dairy-free products.

  1. Il Chicco integrale – – Via della Gabbia, 9, Perugia
    Home to a small organic and vegan grocery shop, Il chicco integrale is part of a cultural association which offers body work, meditation, yoga classes, and a set meal which is macrobiotic and usually vegan. Hosts offer cooking classes as well so it is better to call ahead to reserve a table.
  2. L’ErbavolgioTheir Facebook page –  Via della Stella, 6
    Full vegan restaurant in the historical center of Perugia. Strongly recommended to vegans and not.
  3. Nadir – – Via Benedetto Bonfigli 11, Perugia (right below Cinema Zenith)
    This vegan friendly restaurant offers a few lacto-veggie dishes that are not clearly marked but can be requested. The kitchen is open to accommodating a request to leave out meat.
  4. Yoo Restaurant – – Via Romagna, 2, Perugia
    This vegan gourmet restaurant uses mostly organic ingredients, including wine. Fruit and veggie juices are cold pressed. They have an internal garden where seating outside is possible, weather permitting.
  5. La fame – Via della Viola 54-56, Perugia
    This small cozy restaurant serves delicious, authentic food and a great selection of wine. Meat may be included but vegan options are available.
  6. Pizzeria Etrusca – Via Ulisse Rocchi
    This small pizzeria offers an extensive vegan aperitivo and even pizza with vegan cheese.
  7. Noibio – Via della Valtiera 293, Perugia (close to Centro Commerciale Collestrada; a little hard to reach)
    Half organic grocery shop and half vegan restaurant; this location is open for lunch from Monday through Saturday and every Friday and Saturday night, for dinner. The menu changes daily and a vegan aperitivo is offered on Friday nights.
  8. Natura sì – Via Piccolpasso Cipriano, 119, 06128 Perugia
    Large grocery shop which offers a wide variety of organic vegan products and super foods.
  9. Mercato al Pian di Massiano
    If you like to buy fresh fruit, vegetables or other local food at a good price and, in the meanwhile, you  would like to rummage through stands of vintage clothing, this is the place for you! You can reach the market by minimetro every Saturday from 7am until 1 pm.
  10. Mercato di Campagna Amica
    This is a nice and small market where, every Thursday morning, you can buy only seasonal food from local farmers, at affordable prices. It takes places at Pian di Massiano (the very last stop of the minimetro).


The Author: Jola

A real food lover who would like to prove that vegan dishes are easy to prepare and should not be envious of the more traditional recipes; they are healthy, delicious and can also be chic. She enjoys sharing her plant based recipes on her blog with the hope that you will find these modest culinary creations as a way to discover a new and alternative way of eating. She also lives in Perugia so please, visit for further details and to contact her.

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