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Menu Dictionary

affumicato > smoked
amatriciana > sauce made from ham onion, tomato and pecorino cheese
arrabbiata > food cooked with strong flavors; typically a fiery red pasta sauce  with tomato and chilli
arrosto > roasted
bevande > drinks
(di) bosco > ‘of the forest’, as in reference to wild mushrooms, wild strawberries, etc.
brace > coals
brodo > broth
bruschetta > lightly toasted bread served with a (savoury) topping
budino > pudding
carbonara > sauce made with a cut of pork (e.g. pancetta) and cream
carpaccio > thin fillet of raw meat
casa > ‘house’, as in house wine, house specialty, etc.
casareccio > rough/ rustic in appearance
cotto > cooked
crema > custard; can also mean cream but only in the sense of a thick sauce, e.g. crema di noci, walnut paste
crudo > raw
farcito > filled, stuffed
filetto > fillet
fiorentina > ‘florentine’, a thick steak
forno > oven, often as in forno a legna, wood oven
fresco > fresh
fritto > fried
gratuggiato > grated
griglia > grill
misto > mixed
noce > walnut; nut or knob (of rice, butter, etc.); shank of ox or veal
norcina > ‘in Norcia style’, usually refers to the method of curing hams
padella > pan
perugina > ‘in Perugia style’, depends on the dish; Pizza alla perugina features sausage, tagliatelle alla perugina has chicken intestines
petto > breast
piatto > plate, dish
piccante > spicy hot
ragù > ragout, thick meat sauce
ripieno > stuffed, filled
salato > salted
salsa > sauce or relish
scaglie > shavings, scrapings, usually of a hard cheese
sugo > pasta sauce
trancio > slice
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