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Asian Food in Perugia

In the city center of Perugia, within walking distance, there are a few Asian restaurants, including quick Chinese take-out, sushi and sit-down dinner places.  Also, there are two little Asian supermarkets hidden near by the Porta Pesa where they sell Oriental food and ingredients.

We will also be including a few bigger places outside of the city center which can be reached by car or bus.



WANG Noodle & Wok

Want some Chinese food take-out? Go to WANG Noodle & Wok bar on Corso Garibaldi. For lunch, ask for their combos, with 5 euros you can have a full meal, including noodle/rice and two other stir fry dishes of your choice. Wang also offers a decent dinner.  They can be a little slow sometimes, but they always have delicious food and are very economical. They are open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, closed on Sunday mornings and holidays. Corso Garibaldi 18, 075-5724309, Cross the street from Dal’ mi cocco.

 Bella Shanghai

It is a bigger Chinese restaurant in town, only a step away from The University for Foreigners. I recommend that you go there for dinner.   For around 30 euros, you will have a great meal for two, with beverage included. Recommended dishes: Seafood Noodles, Petto di Polo Saltato, Pesce al Grigli. They are open on Monday to Sunday.  Via del Bulagaio, 4 , 075-5720012


They are the only authentic Japanese restaurant in the city center. It is located right behind the University for Foreigners. It has a great atmosphere with a nice interior design. They offer sushi, sashimi, tempuras, and teriyakis, etc. A dinner for two will cost 50 to 60 euros.  Via del Maneggio 21, 075-5727803


Want some unlimited all-you-can-eat sushi? Sakura is just like those popular all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in America.  If you are tired of the buffet sushi rolls and want some unlimited real fresh sashimi and salmon tartar, it’s a good place to go.  It costs around 11 euros for lunch, 20 for dinner. The place is near by the train station, you can take the mini metro or bus C and A. Via Campo di Marte, 4,075 500 5952


If you are tired of the lack of choices in town, you can try the biggest and finest Asian buffet in Perugia. They serve very quilted fresh dishes, from stir fried lobster to fresh made sushi rolls, and a big section of barbecue which includes a good variety of sea food. Dinner costs 20 and lunch will be around 12. Very recommended, good for family, friends and dates. Take bus A at Porta Pesa or the train station, get off when you see a big yellow Coop sign on the left hand side. Via Dottori 103, 075-5287036



In the supermarket where crosses the street of Porta Pesa’s bus stop. You can always get fresh ginger and spring onions. They also have a little section of oriental cooking Ingredients, some cooking tools. Via del Bulagaio 4, 075-5720012.

(For more cooking tools: check out Convenienza Casa Via Fabbretti 7, 075-3723191)

It’s a little convenient store on Corso Barsaglieri, frequently visited by Chinese. You will find a variety of imported Asian food, snacks and spices. Such as Asian brand cup noodles, sushi kit, seaweed, wasabi beans, etc.  If you are going for Asian food items, this is a better choice than Emi.

Tanto e Bene

If you are looking for a bigger and fuller Asian market, you can visit here, it’s near by the train station as well. Via Curtatone e Montanara 23/E.


Convenienza Casa

One place worth mentioning is the “dollar tree” style Variety store beside the university for foreigners. You can basically find everything in here, from painting tools to nail clippers, barbecue grills to Halloween costumes. Most international students, who had visited here, probably had purchased one or two things for their daily supply. Therefore, if you are looking for something in particular which it is hard to find, nine times out of ten that they’d have it here.

Via Fabbretti 7, 075-3723191

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