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Find a Room – Other Tips

Rooms are often available commencing on the first of the following month. If you arrive a few days into a month, you could have to wait three or four weeks until the rooms you are looking at are actually available. Note that short term accommodations are scarce in Perugia. There are the hostels -€15 per night, maximum two week stay -or the cheaper hotels at €25 a night and upwards. Student households in Perugia rarely have internet connections or fixed telephone lines.

Consider carefully what you want and need before you commit yourself. A pleasant room can make the difference between a happy and productive stay in Perugia and a dismal one. Accommodation is not cheap, so it is worthwhile getting a decent deal for the hole it makes in your budget. If you’re here during the winter, work out whether or not you will have control over the heating. If not, find out who turns it on and when and how long a day. Is it electric heating or gas? Gas is cheaper. How are the windows? Drafts? If you have a problem with a landlord, you can use the threat of calling the police. They actually intervene very infrequently, but it creates a headache and a scene for the landlord, so sometimes this will help. Lastly, read and reread Alan’s poem at the end of the guide, fruit of a month’s searching for an apartment.

Use this checklist to assess room/flat suitability:

Is the room well-lit and ventilated?

Is the room/household spacious enough for your needs?

What facilities does the room/ household have? e.g. heating, television, washing machine, balcony, garden, other luxuries.

What services are available in the immediate area?

Is the location serviced by public transport? Is the location noisy?

What are the flatmates and neighbors like? What are the possible problems? e.g. smokers if you are a non-smoker, dogs if you can’t stand the beasts, etc. is the rent reasonable and what does it actually include (some rental fees include part or all of the bills)?

Will it be a problem if people come over? Overnight visitors? Overnight “visitors”?

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