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Emergency Phone Numbers

We hope you don’t have to use any of these numbers, but it’s a good idea to keep them in your wallet or save them into your phone. You can call all of these numbers from a landline or a cell phone. If you’re calling the emergency numbers then it won’t cost you any credit, but the Guardia Medica and the Taxi numbers will both cost you.

 Ambulance > If there’s a medical emergency and you need an ambulance then call 118. The ambulance will take about twenty minutes to get to you so if think the situation is more urgent you can call a taxi. The taxi number is: 075 500 4888.

Guardia Medica > When the hospital’s doctors are not on call from 20-8:00, the Guardia Medica takes over. Their office is in via della Pallotta, with the entrance across from the self store. You could probably walk it, but if you’re sick, you’re probably not going to want to. Just take a taxi. They are usually for serious but not emergency situations at night. You can call them at 075.340.24 or 075.365.84. If you cannot leave your house, they even make house calls.

Police Station > The police station number is 112. If you think there’s been a burglary in your apartment or if you feel like someone is following you, this would be the best number to call.

Fire Department > If there’s a fire, you’re locked outside of your apartment, or you see a cat stuck in a tree then call 115 for the fire department. They’ll find you as soon as they can.


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