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Tourist Information

The TI (Tourist Information Center) is located in Piazza Matteoti. With your back to the fountain and looking down Corso Vannucci, go left and down Via Calderini into Piazza Matteotti – the TI is at number 18. The employees are generally friendly and helpful despite being frazzled from all the foreign students and visitors. The hours are 8:30¬
13:30 and 15:30-18:30 (Mo-Sa) and 9-13:00 Sunday. The phone is 075.573.6458, but it’s easier to just go.
They have public transport schedules, free maps of Umbria, and lots of pamphlets for what to do and see. Remember, the employees’ job is to answer questions, help you decide what to see and do, and generally aid you in spending money -use the tourist office. There are several other sources of what-to-do type information. There’s Viva Perugia, published by the city of Perugia and available at any newsstand or Tabacchi shop for €1. It’s a little more adult in its listings but has lots of good practical information about Perugia (when do the elevators close?) in the back, in English and Italian. Piacere Magazine is a little more chic and less informative but it’ll get you out of the rut of the center -in their pages you can see what Umbrians think about. Find it free in most cafés.


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