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The name says it all: “informs the youth.” this great office should win gold medals for its efficiency and utility. Informagiovani is an office of the city of Perugia that provides free information about work, school, universities, trips, free time, sport, cultural activities and a whole bunch of other stuff. Among their services: the sala studio web with ten free Internet stations, 24h wifi, and the interactive “spazio terra” exhibition space for meetings and exhibits for young artists. Informagiovani is on Piazza del Melo (where there is 24h wifi) and is open Mo-Fr 10-13:30 (also Mo & Wed afternoons, 15:30-17). To get there, put your back to the gallenga building on Piazza Grimana and straight down via Pinturicchio (past the Augusta Perusia ice cream/chocolate place, towards Porta Pesa and Palazzina Prosciutti). Look for a little alley on your left that is Via del Melo. Go straight through the arch that says “Parco comunale trasporti” and you’re there (look up and you’ll see the giant ant!).
The website for the office ( and the Facebook page (contact “Informagiovani Perugia”) keep you updated on the city and its social and cultural offerings. At you can find short movies on the office’s services for youth. Not enough? Well how’s about the “Perugia carta givoani”: get discounts and free stuff all over the city.
Piazza del Melo also hosts two works by the young Umbrian artist Simone Pucci that harkens back to the large-scale projects of Claes Oldeburg and Pop art: “the worker ant” and “the key.” An insect and an everyday object get huge-enized, observed through the lens of an artists, and inserted in a piazza dedicated to Perugia’s youth, to its connection to the web, and to science (see the entry for the Post in free time).


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